welcome new followers

Wow, i just noticed that apparently only last night my blog exploded and i got 6 new followers at once. I don’t really have an explanation for this but i wont ask questions here, so i think i should say welcome to all new blog readers. Feel free to also comment under my previous posts so we can have what this blog was intended to make, exchange of opinions and discussions. And again, thanks for following.

By simter

A wise man named ironcross32 once said that i was a dangerous person.


  1. Lol thats weird as craps, i know that i got adleast 4, about 2 i am not sure, and the rest i knew before.

  2. Thought that too but when i looked at my followers using the blogs menu it showed them correct with like 3 followers that i already knew and then 6 new.

  3. You didn’t get 6 plus followers, but elten usually bugs a little and even if you have only one new follower, it displays all of your followers at once. I got 8 yesterday and that’s impossible.

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