freesimter and why it was stupid

On the day of haloween, my account called simter was banned for 1 year due to violating a watch that i god before that happened. I have to admit, i don’t regret everything from that time. I still partly stand behind the fact why i god the watch and think the watch wasn’t right for example. How ever, how i handled the ban itself and the stuff afterwards wasn’t briliand, to be clear, it ws fucked up.

When i noticed i was banned overnight, s i woke up, i decided to post a statement on my website. In the statement i wasn’t as truthful as i should have been. For example, i claimed that i was banned for speaking my mind. The reason for this was that i still didn’t properly look into what i was actually banned for and just posted what i thought. In fact, i was banned for violating a part off the apple eula by stating that sharing a mac os vm is not against it. I still have to say that i don’t get why i get warned for that but flat out posting about sites where to, against the apple eula, it is possible to get apple beta profiles or to even inform people about what is going on in the beta fase, against the apple eula, is allowed but still that was the actual ban reason. Also, i was rather provocative in my post, cringy.
"@7 i doesn’t even expect geting a vallit response, but i ask the mod time one more time to backup this stance, and i mean with links not with quotes. You did not do this 5 months aggo and suddenly turned silent when i asked the team for a link to what they where refering too, so right now this warning is baseless. Btw i know i am still on watch but since this watch was only pursued to make me shut up i wont follow this and still speak my mind about the nonsense that goes on here some times and it unfortunately gets worse and worse."
With the whole post beeing unnecessary to say the least and the last part completely outa context, i can’t even remember why i posted it in this way. I didn’t think i aimed to flat out provoke, probably it was just because i wasn’t really thinking at all. It’s also funny enough how in my statement i claimed that i didn’t say stuff that wasn’t soposed to be there. No, not at all mister. And i described that last par as beeing a bit rude btw, bru, it hurds to read this. I then went on to quote a post by jack basically saying that i should do my own research and that the license agreement was posted before in other topics, stating it wasn’t a valit response. Then i quoted again a post by jack where he said that i don’t assume a right that i don’t have, his full post was:
"@Simter: That’s because you, the licensee, assume no right not expressly granted to you. A mac user does not own the mac, they have purchased a license to operate the mac. Those quotes were from the Mac OS license agreement, so how more authoritative of a source do you need?" I then tried an attempt to ridicule him for that post by putting up a game license where i added the lines you are allowed to open the game you have, press the arrow keys and remarks like these. After that i quoted a post from ethin where he basically posted what i was asking for. In my statement i now went on to say that i was tired and so didn’t read it to the end, in fact i did read it to the end and was just pissed about that i saw that i actually was wrong. So i went on to respond:
"@19 read your own quote, and then come back."
I again commented this post with a bit rude btw, it was just flat out lying because i made it look like the post wouldnt be backing his stance up, which it clearly was. And well, that was my ban. The rest of the statement was basically just me ranting on responses to my ban, nothing important here anymore. But well, what did i do afterwards?

Well, i invented the #freesimter hashtag. Since, believe it or not, at the beginning i was really concerned i could get my ban shorted by doing that. I basically spreaded that thing everywhere and thought i’d gain atention by doing that. But it didn’t take me long to realize that this just wont work out. So i could have just waited out my ban like someone with a brain would do, well, i took a different aproach. I invented the andy the blindy identity and made my first off 2 alt accounts. I had this identity last for i think a month or one and a half but was eventually discovered due to obwiousnes. I then put up a youtube video on my simterplay youtube channel where i tried to defend why andy wasn’t me. I took it down in may again, because i was discovered and also the comments wherent going as expected. If you want to see that i can bring it how ever, i only set it to private status. But that was at the end off may when i took it offline, and also doomed my channel at the same time. Before that how ever i wanted to make the video more popular since i only god about 20 views. I did this with my second alt named timmy whisky. How that name came to be was actually pretty funny, what a shame i abused it for this purpose. And it lasted even shorter then andy because i posted a topic named any statement to this, where i was basically promoting my video. My last public interaction with the forum was in may 2021. At that time, there was this wave of people spamming the restricted room because the forum admins had a loophole open that allowed you to post in there without actually registering. This would have been easy to disable in minutes but yeah, basically the group rights where setup incorrectly. And your good old simter came back and posted his freesimter story again. How ever, a user named verklempt here on elte, i later found out it was our "mean old jayde", as he would say, made me reconsider that statement. He completely randomly texted me on elten saying he wanted to help me, and asking me if i was behind andy and timmy. Of course, i said no, but at some point he made me reveal my self. And then i had a different idea. Back in 2019, i created another account named jacob scretting. I did this to warn the sbyw server holders that data has been leaked and they should inform their players. You may now ask why i didn’t just use my main account for that. The reason is not the smartest but easy to explain, at the time on my main account and in general things where going pretty normal. And i was, for noone knows why, scared that posting this could ruin my reputation again. So i made the jacobscretting account and rediscovered it in may, posting something in site and forum feetback, revealing i was simter and since obwiously the mod couldn’t do forum group handling, i posted another solution on how to solve the spam problem in the restricted room. It was how ever dismissed as well and registration wasn’t possible for another while, before beeing changed to that system we still have till today.

Well, that’s all. After andys reveal, my ban was permanentized, and i think making it longer would have probably stopped me. This may sound stupid, but when i was permabanned, i was in this "well nothing to loose" situation. And since i didn’t think my steps over much at that time, i then rolled the stuff i did. If it was just changed to, let’s say 2 or even 2,5 years, i would have mostlikely stopped. The reason why it was permanentized is still more then understandable though and i am not the one that should complain here. Still, from time to time, german users get banned and acused off beeing me, the newest one called ellas05. When i try to point out these users wheren’t me i always hear: "Then why don’t they apeal their ban?" Well, i god an email from ellas05 saying that she did, but was completely ghosted. I don’t know about the other users, maybe they lost interest or something. I am not making alts anymore, since i still have the wague hope that maybe in 3 or 4 years i can get unbanned. This is not likely, but nit impossible either, and i won’t ever risc that.

By simter

A wise man named ironcross32 once said that i was a dangerous person.

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