the pain of geting my account back

edit: thanks to nuno69, elten now actually requires email verification. But it still stays that in may 2017 it didn’t and this is how this problem is to be, so not the whole blog post consists of false information like arctic moon is trying to make it look now.

on the 04.01.2019, my original elten account with over 300 posts karmienmedias was hacked. And you would now think, well it would be easy to get back into it, right? If you look at it’s online status, you see, no it is not. Since 2 years i am trying to get my account back and have not succeeded. I have provided multiple prove layers that it is really me, they where ignored. Even posting in the pollish forum did not help. So i am now explaining my story to you once again.

on 04.01.2019 i personally was on a nice cruise ship tour and had no laptop with me, so was completely unable to access any of my social media stuff. 4 days later i returned home and wanted to update my self. So i went to my pc and started it up. If i knew what i would run into when opening elten, i wouldn’t have done it. When i opened elten it logged in but i saw that i had a lot of pms. Nothing weird, the only thing i called it was unusual. It started geting awguart when i saw this pm. The heading was re: aaaaaaaa and the pm was send from the user dash. I didn’t send this pm and so didn’t get the re: line. When i looked deeper i saw that such pms where also send to nuno69 and pajper, from my account but not by me. First thing i tried was changing my password, but no chance. I couldn’t because the only thing that was holding me in my account was my auto login token. I then contacted pajper and told him what happened and he said he would send me a new password using my mail address. I waited, and waited, and waited and waited and waited and nothing came. I then contacted him again and was ignored. And it happened what had to happen, at some part i had to reinstall elten because of an audio error i couldn’t fix. Well the installation fixed the audio error but now i was fully logged out. I logged in with my simter account and told this to pajper and he was again refering to the password he send in email, of course again there was no password. I started wondering why the emails didn’t get through. I tried resetting the password using the email and no success, it didn’t even find the account so one thing was clear, somethings wrong with the email. I knew at this point that i probably did some typo in the email address. So i messed arround in the password forgot screen a bit more and found out that in may 2017 i confused with So instead of i entered which of course made the email undeliverable. After this multiplee contact attempts to the developer where performed on my part. I kepd telling him again and again the problem and he kepd asking for prove. I gave him prove and the messages where either left entirely unred or just ignored. And this how it goes for 2 years now. I gave him multiple proves. The biggest one is in my very first hosting topic where i did voice posts with both accounts and it is clearly the same voice, and besides adleast in the first year where i still used my desktop pc he could just have verified the login token and seen it was completely same, same username, same computer name, ssame ip area, same isp and so on. I wonder if i will ever be able to get back into my account but let me tell you one thing. Elten still has no email verification. If you get no email after your registration be careful that you didn’t do a typo. If you do and get locked out, you can provide as much prove as you want, you’re fucked. They’d rather blame an at the time 11 year old who mistyped his email address for the problems a 13 till 16 year old has to deal with now.

By simter

A wise man named ironcross32 once said that i was a dangerous person.


  1. Quote. In case I may have confused some people, by false informations I mean everything about eltenโ€™s verification system. End quote

  2. O girl, look at the got darn registration date. i told you a milion times why i have these accounts, the creation was not even related to the business because it didn’t exist in this time. Besides if i can prove 100 percent that i am the real karmienmedias it is not my fold for beeing ignored. I am just glat you are not developing it. @nuno69, thanks have now updated the post. It’s just so i don’t create accounts all day haha.

  3. In case I may have confused some people, by false informations I mean everything about elten’s verification system.

  4. That’s absolutely your fault. ๐Ÿ˜€ Besides all of the false informations, why did you need 2 more accounts to prove your identity? Why wasn’t Simter enough? Oh damn, your business company, yeah I remember. ๐Ÿ˜€

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