when will people finaly stop bashing my customers?

Hey guys. It’s me again, your dangerous manipulator sociopathic. Since i noticed that some user has brought up my blog in a topic that pretty much is the most recent example of what i am about to complain about, i thought why not post an article. Some of you may know that i host servers since 2019. And well, 2021 was not my best year and i have pretty much fucked my self up. I will write an article about my screwed past later, let’s just say, my youtube channel and agnet posts where more filled with bs then a usual maths test. Since then, people have started going off on people that are hosting their servers with me. Although i don’t denie that i did a lot off bs and wasn’t a good community member the last 1/2 years, i wonder how some acusations come to be. So just because i god banned on agnet due to posting something not thought out in anger and then trying to evade the ban 2 times, which was stupid granted, i am suddenly a power lovin asshole that injects malware into the servers off people that host with me? That steals data off his customers like a patrick wilson? Seriously. Even in my fucked up times i had my principes and my moralic views, and i keep them till today. I am not responsible for the stuff that my customers do, for example bad administration, and also i can not really intervene because i am the provider and not a codev or something, i don’t even have access to the src and they don’t ove me that at all. It even gets so far that people ramble about my hosting and how it negatively impacts the game but know so minimal info about it that they have obwiously never run it in the first place. Example, GrannyCheeseWheel, the one that invented my name i use on this blog. He claimed that he will not play the game due to me mishandling his data, well just the usual post people do when seeing a simter hosted product, i am used to this by now. It gets interesting at the part where e brags about the fact though that people could just use throwaway emails and one time passwords. A simple one time open and connect to the game would have shown him that the game in question doesn’t use neither. He just decided to do a ranting post to discredit me because of my behaving in completely different situations and to attack the devs because they are hosting with me. I think i have sain enough, it’s pretty late and you all god the point i guess. I am interested though, feel free to comment under this blog post and i am open for discussion.

By simter

A wise man named ironcross32 once said that i was a dangerous person.


  1. how you keep thinking that you are something better because of your age, lol. True adults don’t need to keep empfasizing that they are adults.

  2. Your free hosting is even worse because it attracts more children who don’t even know the basics of operating a computer properly. It’s easier to steal their stuff you know.

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