All your posts will be deleted! Elten admin nuno69 makes ridiculous claim towards innocent user

I thought i would never have to talk about elten admins here on this blog again and that they finally grew up and knew how administrating such a huge platform works, but how ever i was seamingly false. Was just wondering about my desktop when some friend send me over the following post.

Iroadium also gets a warning for proposing to share sounds. All your posts will be deleted
while (!success) {
23.10.2021 15:51

So first, what exactly did he mean with proposing to share sounds? I mean he wont just crumble down on some minimality that only sais this when you interpret a lot off bullshit into it? No, not from a serious man like nuno. Let’s see.

And yeah, it would be pritty cool to have the sounds. Maybe there is a way to get them, I can ask my friends to have a look.

First, yes, there is a way. And this is not punishable since this is trivial. There is no such thing as an uncrackable system. Continue dreaming if you think there is. The point off such systems is to make it as hard as possible to get to the souds and res files, but making it 100 percent impossible is, well, impossible. And also, where exactly did she say she would share sounds? Only thing i see is that she said it would be cool to have them. Also not punishable.

And now, to the real meet. Deleting all irroadiums posts. How exactly would you want to achive that? Elten does not have this feature and if it had, using that on someone just for one single warning is more then over the board, am i talking to ironcross here?

Just shortly proven my hope wrong that the admins here improved in any way. And feel free to comment belo but stay with the facts, or you will get blasted again, and going extremely of topic to drag the discussion away wont be tolerated here and will just be igored. Hope i was clear.

By simter

A wise man named ironcross32 once said that i was a dangerous person.


  1. There are two things I can say here:
    1. It should really take quite long to correct Simter’s typos but come on, sometimes I type like cr*p just because the app becomes highly unresponsive to keypresses. And then there are those times when I just misspell a word. So one’s typos may not be that crucial to evaluate him/her.
    2. Independent and impartial/unbiased are two different things. Responding to Arctic Moon’s claims on posting (un)biased content.

  2. Well, I admit that my wording on the claim was not clear. The posts to be deleted were only posts containing the illegal material.

  3. you are assuming that i hate my self because i critisice your posts and behaving? I don’t hate my self, actually i like how i am right now. Course i sometimes do things where i think <"what the crap drove me there" on the next day but overall i am happy.

  4. Indeed, it is funny and weird at the same time. I’ve decided a lot of times that I won’t react to his bullshit and then he’ll stop, but then he gets bored and posts his shit on the forum.

  5. Yes, arctic this whole situation is funny to me, as well as the blog and the squabbling on here. Grow a pair 😀

  6. I could always paste the meaning without providing a link, but ths way it’s official at least, so you are unable to question my explanation. I’m in high hopes once you’ll realise what you are doing is not the right thing at most of times. Believe me, after a few years you’ll hate yourself for behaving like a spoiled child. And hating yourself is not healthy, and not a good feeling either, from first hand experience. In my honest opinion we are pretty kind with you, other communities would have immediately thrown you out with such a behavior.

  7. First, even a free game can have copyrighted material. I believe aac has some sounds off sound ideas contained in it. And keep it down with your dict links, it doesn’t make you look smarter.

  8. I just noticed that the thingy gets even funnier when you look at the last posts in the adventure at c: custom stages topic, also related in games. Here an actually encrypted sound was uploaded to elten, and hmm did the mos care? And btw, wasn’t the mod nuno the one who created the aac theme by using aac sounds?

  9. So saying that telling a user that you will delete all their posts is not good is biased? O well, i don’t even know how to react. This comment in it self is so dumm you cant even make fun of it. And i rarely get the sense off djsenter and dashs comments. It is neither funny nor related to polish law.

  10. What was it refering too then? I looked at the definition and it defines it just like i did too. And what do you mean by personal outbursts? I didn’t swear, i wasn’t mad, i made some nasty comments but that is normal, i just told the facts. What do you mean with personal outbursts?

  11. Dennis: the dictionary entry didn’t refer to any of his typos. Surprisingly, he wrote this one correctly. If I wanted to correct all of his typos, it would take years to complete the list.
    Simter: I’m just standing up in defense of the staff. If you express your personal outbursts on us, your reputation won’t grow in others’ eyes, even if you want it to happen this way. If you are bored, go somewhere else and express your frustration to the white wall for example. I promise, it will listen to you.

  12. You obwiously got my msg, you just show your self out off arguments, my 12 year old self could finish you off.

  13. What do i care? I am an independent blogger, i write when i think its right and i have something to say. Complete bogus.

  14. Feel free to sign up to the posture, after you even make it to be trustable enough to fill this position you’ll be able to judge the decisions of the staff.
    Am I understood?
    Hope I was clear.

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